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Become a Warrior! Exercise & Supplements!

Become a Warrior!

Exercise & Supplements!

To Become a Warrior, you must first… Let’s get straight down to brass tax! There is no easy way, no shortcut, no downhill sail. if you want to look good, feel great and have the body of a greek god and the endurance of Mo Farah, then yes it takes commitment and hard work.

This doesnt mean it has to be boring or a chore but you do get from yourself which you are willing to expell. In other words, eat right, train even just for 45 mins everyday and use the correct supplements and you will see positive results.

Still want to become a warrior? Make the most of your workouts and get the motivation you need from a TUB, packed full of energy, tastes great and is filled with 90 servings of Pure rage, for 45 minutes its just you and your body, get some rage in you and show your workout, who’s Boss?!!

Protein Shakes are great after workout drinks to help repair, feed and rejuvenate muscle but its also great for energy and can be used at breakfast times, alot of us go straight to carbs at breakfast so its a perfection addition aswell as substitue for those on the go!

We are all human so we all need protein.




For the lovely ladies out there wanting similar benefits but with a more lean dietary component, you too can be a Warrior, just a Warrior princess, available as a complete package for lean muscle, slimming/dietary, thermojenics and even some extra vitamians for your hair and nails, all so you can be the princess you have always dreamed of.

Losing weight, getting in shape, getting fitter, bulking up, can be aided vastly by using the right products at the right times and having that clearly stated to you. As far as results go, cost, servings and impact we cant but to help to recommend WARRIOR!

SO Go, GO NOW, go to the gym and work your little *ss off! Order some Warrior, then go back & UNLEASH HELL!

warriorYou want to know a secret, theres a free drug available to us all…its exercise, oxygen, blood flow, metabolism, go luster in the greatest gift us humans have. Movement. Exercise will improve your life vastly and supplements will improve your exercise fastly!

Losing Weight and Feeling Great doesnt have to be the battle you percieve it to be. At IDealaHealth we have many different supplements that you can slowly interject into your life as part of becoming the new happy, healthy you.

“Quick pre -Workout shake before the gym, no hassle just mix with water, healthy breakfast before work, couple slimming tablets before Lunch, balanced energy filled light lunch, Protein shake, healthy teatime and a couple slimming tablets before bed along with fibre intake”!

“Exercise kick starts your metabolism which in turn can help you lose weight and boost your immune system!”

Are you ready..? “With feeling great comes great responsibility!”

So turn over a new leaf today, start that health kick, start that training, shop for the right foods and get your supplements at the ready. Tomorrow is the birth of the new you and I can guarantee within a few weeks you will feel younger, more lively, full of energy, loook great and you know what, its about being the best you, you can be, be that YOU! The best YOU!


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