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CBDeala – MHRA gives 2 Month Extension!

CBDeala – MHRA gives 2 Month Extension!

MHRA gives 2 Month Extension? Following on from recent MHRA News, they have now updated their stance on CBD medicine, on a 2 month temporary basis. They have given the date of 31st December 2016. By this time all suppliers and manufacturers of CBD medicine must be compliant and have market auhtorisation.

Official MHRA Update:

Update 1 November 2016

An MHRA spokesperson said:

“While MHRA has given its opinion that products containing cannabidiol (CBD) used for medical purposes are medicines, we have also carefully considered the needs of individuals using CBD products to treat or manage the symptoms of medical conditions.

Our primary concern is patient safety. In order to ensure that products remain available until individuals have the opportunity to discuss their treatment with their doctor, companies now have until 31 December 2016 to voluntarily operate within the law, by withdrawing their existing products from the market, or working with MHRA to satisfy the legal requirements of the Human Medicines Regulations 2012.

We have today written to the manufacturers of CBD to make them aware of the timeline for engagement.

It is vital that medicines meet safety, quality and efficacy standards to protect public health.”

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In light of this, “MHRA gives 2 Month Extension!”,  we are extending our CBD Sale, not just to CBD E-Liquids, but also CBD Balm & CBD disposeables! Buy 3 Get 1 FREE on all CBD E-liquids, Get Buy 3 Get 2 FREE on all CBD Balms, and get 20% OFF with Discount code:ideala20.

So for the short term future, it is looking promising for CBD medicine however all CBD products & medicinal claims will have to be evaluated and assessed in accordance to the MHRA enforced guidelines.

From researching and reading, this should only affect CBD products that are distinctly used as CBD Medicine, with medicinal values and claims being made. Such products that are not used for medicine, and contain CBD, but have no health claims or sold as such should be okay.

After all vaping or smoking CBD buds and vape juice along with a mix of nicotine, or terpenes or flavouring isnt medicine! But we will see what the future holds, like most things rolled out, the full facts are never that clear until the time comes but this is positive for the future of CBD, Cannabis & Medical marijuana. It’s all a step in the right direction if they play it out properly. What worries me is that they stop, in time, everyone selling it not as CBD medicine, take full control and make it hard for people who arent direly in need, but improves their quality of life still, unable to and restrcited in getting some!

Lets keep our fingers crossed. But we have 2 full months of stress FREE CBD to Vape and boost our endocannabinoid system! Think of CBD as the cooler older brother to echanacea! Think of medical marijuana as nature’s Miracle. Think one day, all this will be legal, regulated and this great depression will cease to exist!

“CBD – The healthy Habit”


MHRA gives 2 Month Extension!, CBD E-Liquid Sale

CBDeala – MHRA gives 2 Month Extension!

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