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DESIGNER DOUGS IS BACK! Herbal High Energy Pills and Powders!

DESIGNER DOUGS IS BACK, designer Dougs, herbal Pills and powders, caffeine, herbal party powder



Herbal Highs at DESIGNER DOUGS – IDeala HeadShop

DESIGNER DOUGS IS BACK to bring you the latest Herbal High Caffeine Energy Powders & Pills!

Exciting caffeine & herb based party Pills & Powders.

Where’s My Party People at?

Bringing back the classics like Blow Out & Snow Blow, much much stronger!!

Want to go all OUT? Get the SMILEY FACE ON!

Give Your Senses a Boost!

“Great social lift, energetic, alert, focused and an excellent all natural high!”

Where’s My party people at????

Get your Party Head On with Smiley Face, Blow Out, Jester, Bosh and Snow Blow.


Try yours today! Buy any 4 Designer Dougs items and get another absolutely FREE.

There’s only 6 to collect! Let us help you on your way with the buy 4 get 1 free! Which will you choose?

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