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Legal Smoke is Back! CBD Infusions

Legal Smoke

Legal Smoke is Back! CBD Infusions!!!

Legal smoke is back, Not only that, its CBD Infusions, making this product the best its ever been! Natural High grade CBD product with an extra kick!

Available in 1G packets and for a limited time only, buy all 4 from the collection, and get another absolutely FREE!!

It’s that simple! Our favourite is Canna Tonic and Cali Orange! Aptly named I am sure you will agree!

Legal Smoke is Back! CBD Infusions!!! **This is a limited time offer, once its gone, its gone! Buy 5 for the price of 4 now and if you only want to give one a go, we highly recommend Canna Tonic!**

Just checkout the deals and varieties at the one and only “The Smoking Zone”!!

KANAVAPE Cartridges!

The first rechargeable Cannabinoid Vaporiser

CBD Cartridges for the original ‘Medi pen’ by Kanavape! We have some just past their BBE date, still perfectly OK to use and we do so ourselves, still great taste, great vape and great hit. We are practically giving these away at just £4 each, not only that buy 4 and get another free! Usual price online between £9 and £12 plus the pen which usually costs £19.99, buy 4 cartridges from us and get your pen for just £10!

Thats a saving of around 60% off usual RRP! So 1 Cannabinoid pen, plus 5 Cartridges will cost you just £26! Absolute bargain, usual FULL price being £70!!

WOW! Limited stock left, first come first despatched!


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