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NEW E-Liquid Range – Fantastic New Flavours Added

New E-liquid Range, eliquid-banner-1

New E-liquid Range –  Exciting Flavours, Various Strengths, just Dig In!

“New E-Liquid range – If Vaping was Candy, this would be your new Sweet Shop!”

Have you seen our New E-Liquid Range yet? We have extended it with hundreds and hundreds of traditional Nicotine filled flavoured E-Liquids along with 0mg nicotine

Eshisha range, aswell as an extensive CBD & Mood Changers E-liquid range & Disposeable Vape Pen collection!

There are literally hundreds and hundreds of flavours, varitieties, strengths and types! Get yourself a look!

From the fruity and exotic, to the sweet and bitter, from energy flavours to rockstar names, childhood sweet flavours, donuts, lollies, Ribena, cannolis and more.

Whatever sparks your interest im sure theres a flavour here you most certainly havent tried or even thought would exist!

Set your tastebuds from tingle to tantalise! Our New E-liquid Range is full of surprises and your tastebuds are about to be awoken in ways the 6am call of a cockerill never could!

To say these sublime flavours are just mouth watering,overwhelming, powerful and rich is an understatement.

PREMIUM EJUICE at it’s finest!

Visit our EJUICE/E-Liquid store today!

Available in 10ml, 20ml, 30ml, 60ml and 120ml!

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