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Please Support iDeala and The Industry

Please Support iDeala and The Industry

We are looking to our website members to Please Support iDeala and The Industry.

This could be a few minutes of your time, a 79P purchase or helping us spread our word through social media.

In return we have low prices on the site, a guaranteed 20% discount off your next order.

No matter how big or small and some already discounted bulk buy deals on the site.

And as usual we guarantee that none of our products are counterfeit or sprayed with Benzodiazepines or paint stripper.

Which seems to be causing a lot of harm throughout the legal high industry at the moment due to unscrupulous back street dealers which shouldn’t be working in this industry.

Please take a couple of moments to watch this video we have put together about quitting legal highs which is on youtube…

We have done this video to try offer support to anyone wanting to quit legal highs.

Because of all the counterfeit gear going around which is having a bad detrimental effect on people’s lives very quickly and needs to be stopped!

In addition if you can afford 79P and have an iTunes account please purchase just 1 of our songs to help raise awareness of the legal high problem we have today.

We would suggest IdealaWorld, Stick This or In the Name of Jacob (Part2), of course this is your preference, all can be found at this link here…

Please follow Jacob Ideala on FB at … … for more crucial updates or promotions and join our FB page …

We can also be found on twitter … @idealaworld

For anyone wanting to cut down or quit legal highs we also have the very best in CBD Oil which is a great alternative therapy and very relaxing …

And as promised 20% Discount off anything on the site from legal highs, CBD oil, Grinders, skins, Bongs and more! use Promo code: IDEALA20

Thank you so much for your time in reading this email and hope we can count on your support, whether it be following us on FB, viewing & sharing our YouTube video or purchasing our legal high awareness tracks from iTunes and thanks again for your continued support and being part of our IdealaWorld.

Much appreciated, Take Care, Jacob x

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