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Welcome to our IDealaWorld

We are a CBD Dispensary, Online HeadShop and Vape Retailer.

IDeala Headshop IDeala CBD & IDealaVape.

All your CBD, HeadShop and Vape items all in one place.

IDeala CBD Dispensary - Power Your EndoCannabinoid System!

CBD & Cannabinoid Specialists retailing oral Oil CBD Drops along with CBD capsules, Edibles, Honey, CBD Vape Juice and CBD Herbal Smoke & CBD Hash Solids. We have CBD Cholcoates, Bath Bombs, CBD Gummies, the list goes on.

We specialise in CBD Isolate along with Full Spectrum and Broad Spectrum Types.

IDeala Headshop - Turn Over a New Leaf

Headshop HeadStuff. You know what its all about. retailing in all things headshop from essentials such as skinz, blunts, rolls, roach, grinders and such. Along with them treat day luxury items for real time off like pipes, bongs, Energy Pills & Powders, Herbal Smoke, Natural herbs, CBD Hash, Vaporisers, Storage, lighters, rolling trays and so forth. Check us out! Something on here you dont see, then let us know and we will get it for you!

Headshop Paraphanalia including Scales, Poppers, Roach, Rolling Trays and Boxes, Rolling mats and Rolling Machines. Stash cans and more.

IDealaVape - It's in the name!

We deal all manner of Vaping items from essentials, flavours, must haves and fun treats. Stocking the best Mods, Ecigs, Ecig Pen styles and a range of Coils and PODS. Nicotine Salts, Nic Shots and Nicotine Shot salts. 

Eliquid bottle sizes from 10ml to 120ml, with strengths from 0mg, to 3mg, right through to 18mg.

We stock both Subohm and Standard Eliquids, Mods, Ecig pens and Coils. We carry a selection of extras such as batteries, Battery Chargers, Replacement glass, OHM Meters, Replacement Pods. Tanks ranging from budget & standard to cost effective and with SubOhm Power with Coils to match from 0.15 ohms to 2ohms plus. Whatever your Vaping needs we have something to suit your IDEAL choice and your Pocket.

So Welcome to our IDeala World - CBD, Vape & Headshop.

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And Thank you for Becoming a Part of OUR IDeala World.

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