Keltic Mist Spray / Natural Defence 10ml

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Keltic Mist Spray

Keltic Mist is now Natural Defence - dont worry this is the same great product with the same fabulous ingredients and effects.

Keltic Mist is a mixture of Irish grown herbs and Irish spring water that is derived from the fresh mineral rich mountain springs off the west coast of Ireland. Incorporated into the mixture are special detoxing salts.

The product has been proven to COMPLETELY cleanse the mouth cavity of ALL traces of THC found in legally prescribed CBD oils. 100% guaranteed!

Dont be wrongfully penalised - Take Control.


There is enough spray in each bottle to allow you to pass 6 separate saliva drug tests! 10 Sprays is all it takes!



Keltic Mist does not condone or encourage the use of illegal substances. This product is merely for those who are prescribed LEGAL CBD oils, sometimes this means traces of THC can be found in the mouth. This product is aimed to help people who use LEGAL CBD oils to not be wrongfully accused and charged with the use of taking an illegal substance. The use of Keltic Mist must not be used as a method of thwarting the course of justice in the very important field of Drug driving detection.


  • Not for sale to persons under the age of 18.
  • Keep out of reach of animals and children.