Blowout 1g Herbal Energy Caffeine Powder

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Blowout 1g Herbal Energy Caffeine Powder

Blowout 1g Herbal Energy Caffeine Powder - Caffeine that packs a punch, this is no cup of coffee! This is Methylxanthine Caffeine! Herbal Energy Caffeine Powder in 1G packet.

"A short boost that livens the senses yet doesn't wreck the rest of the days plans."

Give your senses a boost with our brand new ban exempt Powder & Pill products that pack a nice sociable punch. Did you know Caffeine was a psycoactive drug, renowned the world over?

What goes UP, doesn't necessarily have to come down! Uplifting energetic high without the crash!

Our Methyl xanthine Caffeine based products are unlike the Research Chemicals/legal highs of times past. These are strictly for human Consumption they do not contain any illegal, illicit or unknown substances.

Natural Herbal High Energy powder that lasts.

As always, Ideala have tested these, light n fluffy and with a high energetic kick! Great for Nights out on the Town, cramming revision or getting through some hard graft! These new powders and pills are a hell of a lot better than expected! I must admit, I'm a big fan already! But they will not keep you up all night thinking or staring into space or being paranoid. Just a natural high, energetic, focused and sociable lift. 

You know Ideala are all about safety, testing, sensible doses and knowing your product. This is very pleasing and at a good acceptable level for the masses. And just like you, we prefer going to bed at 3am unzombified, ready for the next days commitments and responsibilities. In a world where cocaine is illegal, legal highs are banned, red bull kills your stomach and coffee isn't enough, we have BLOW OUT!

We are so pleased with this product we use to get our web work done! A short boost that livens the senses yet doesn't wreck the rest of the days plans & can be taken on a school night! (But not by someone attending school! Unless your the teacher, then Preach)!

Contains: Methylxanthine Caffeine, Taurine, Vitamin B Complex, Cola Nut extract, Amino Acid Complex, Menthol Extract.

  • Not recommended for children or pregnant women!
  • Strictly 18+ product!
  • Do not take if sensitive to caffeine or have pre-existing medical conditions!
  • Do NOT consume more than 400mg in Caffeine in 24 hours!

You Must be Over the Age of 18 to Purchase this Product.