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Best Before Expiry Sale Ends Soon – save up to 70% off RRP!

Best Before Expiry Sale – Save up to 70% off RRP!

This is our Best Before Expiry Sale – ‘MEGA SALE’, for all Best Before Expiry Items.

Have you taken advantage of our Best Before Expiry Sale yet? The sale is ending soon and we have limited stock left but still have some very exciting products going really really cheap due to best before expiry. Save up to 70% off RRP!

It seems in the Uk with ever growing living costs and expenses on the rise and general public education on food and ‘out of date’, ‘best before’ expiry dates, we are fastly becoming a nation thats more informed about the real facts of foods and dates. A lot of these dates are given by law and in alot of circumstances dont actually effect the food from a degradebale or edible stand point.

Best Before dates are about quality, not safety. The food typically just begins to gradually lose its flavour and texture after that date, nothing more.

“Best before dates appear on a wide range of dried, tinned and other foods”.

Certain foods you cant do anything with but alot we can, we throw away so much food, drink, supplements and possessions in the Uk every year when really there is no need for it. We can recycle rubbish and our possessions and we can even do this with our food.


best before Expiry Sale

Obviously be careful with meats and dairies as these need particular care when brand new and fresh! And usually carry an actual ‘EXPIRY/OUT Of Date’, date!

“Think carefully before throwing away food past its best before date. Every year in the UK we throw away 7.2m tonnes of food and drink,

most of which could have been eaten”.

Of course, I dont mean get yourself a food recycling bin, but there is a lot of products we choose not to eat because of these dates. In no way are we saying eat products out of date because we are not! But check what dates your product do have. Millions everyday throw away perisheables, tins, dried foods, supplements, protein, all because they have passed their date.

But what date? If it is an ‘out of date’, product tag, then it needs consuming within the time period. If its a’best before’ Expiry date, this means exactly what it says, its ‘Best Before’, meaning that this product is at its best before this final date, after that date, the taste could be affected but generally okay to consume as long as it has had no air to get to it in the meantime. So Tins, Foil and sealed tubs are usually used. Oxygen ages us, the earth and our food, if its not air tight then it will go off still!

But generally these foods are okay to consume sometimes months and months past their ‘best before’ date, this also includes supplements, tins and powders etc. So dont be too fearful of the EXPIRY. Again you have to be careful and doesnt apply to everything but for the most part we can save many hundreds of £££s every year by being educated on this matter.

We currently have upto 70% off reductions on all EXP/best Before Items in our Best Before Expiry Sale – ‘MEGA SALE’. Some items are more than 80% reduced so look out for a bargain!

“Protein powders don’t spoil the way meat or dairy does, because a dry environment makes it nearly impossible for microbes to grow.” (Bob Roberts, Ph.D.)

The products in this category have past their best before/ expiry date. All products are between 0-5 months passed their reccomended best before date.

Some Health Internet Sites solely deal in Expired/best before and in some rare cases out of date products and this trend is now happening with food across the globe and this is because some foods or powders or proteins arent affected in this way. So be careful but be thrifty, sometimes it really is possible to have pinnacle health without having an empty pocket! having good health doesnt have to be expensive, it can cost as much or as little as you can find, so hunt for ther bargains and get yourself in ship shape now!

With these prices, there really is no excuse!

Currently stocking products from quality, reliable brands that bring power and performance with everything they design along with optimum results! Brands such as USN, Herbalife, BSN, Gaspari, Kirkland, SiS, MaxiNutrition, Optimum Nutrition, Weider, Grenade, PHD  and many more!

**NOTE: Ensure all powdered health products are kept dry and free of moisture!**

Best Before EXPIRY

Check them out here…

The official FSA site says ;

Best before’ dates relate to food quality, including taste, texture and appearance. Eating food past its ‘best before’ date is unlikely to be harmful.

The products in this category have past their best before/ expiry date. All products are between 0-5 months passed their reccomended best before date.

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