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CBD Banned & Classed as Medicine? Stock Up Now

CBD Banned & Classed as Medicine?

Today saw the announcemnt from CLEAR that they are making CBD banned and classed as medicine? As it stands we have not yet been affected by this, but CBD is to be now classed as a medicine by MHRA, which is not great for CBD distributors and will affect alot of business’s and peoples jobs across the UK! This may only give you 28 days to stock up before every store becomes CBD banned!

“CBD – The healthy Habit”

It’s also going to be a great loss for those who cant get to the doctors, have a good doctor and/OR are house bound and reply on the internet and CBD distributors for this, with Government constraints in tow, who will get to decide if you need CBD? Probably wont be you? And whats to say if you dont need it but it does improve your life, does this mean you shouldnt be allowed to buy it with your own money?

So the Government want control of CBD? Will this be the end for distributors?

An article published today from CLEAR states that;

“We learned today that the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has started issuing letters to CBD suppliers advising them that CBD is being designated as a medicine and that sale of CBD products must stop within 28 days.

This will be alarming news to many people.  However, it is a complex situation which has some positive aspects to it.  In the short term, if you are already using CBD products, you would be well advised to stock up as much as you can afford.”

Full article here……/

We find this very alarming and concerning due to the fact that, this rushed off the cuff way, is not normally how MHRA work. On note to that if you check the site and MHRA site there is absolutely no mention of this anywhere?

However 2 leading suppliers in the UK have been issued with these notices and will need to cease trading in the next 28 days. It all just seems very strange given how long it took them to ban legal highs, the fact that ‘under the misuse of drugs act’, cannabis has no medicinal value and now we are to cease trading in the non psycoactive compound of cannabis because it s a medicine? THC and CBD are both medicinal but CBD doent carry the psycoactive effects of THC, so one we cant sell because it s psycoactive drug and one we cant sell be cause its not a psycoactive drug, its a medicine now?

CBD Banned from sale…And No uproar, NO 6PM News, No market collation of distributors and all letters sent at once?

Now this is good, in hope, for the longterm, as cannabis will surely have to be acknowledged as a medicinal plant, after this kind of powerdrive. Not to mention if you want to sell CBD it will cost you around £103,000 for the initial application to do so.  The article also stipulates that an application can have a lead time of up to 8 Months! Im guessing this is why they are saying stock up now if you can but why does it take 8 month to sort and only 28 days to shut down?

Times are hard and im guessing big Pharma is at the back end of this somewhere. The whole thing to me seems very strange, very quick, very silent, very underhanded and very contradictary. What are your thoughts?

Even though we know its true, as its happening now, but still seems rather hoax or untrue like or at best unbelieveable but hey that seems to be our Governments standards these days!

We havent been served a letter as yet but could come anytime and from then will have 28 days to cease trading but we are going to investigate this more!

As you know we have a very mixed CBD collection from Capsules, balms to Oils and Vape Liquids. We are giving everyone 20% off in case the need to stock up arrives sooner than expected. Anyone wanting to buy 10 bottles or more just enquire about getting a 30% Discount Voucher. (ideala20 for 20% off at checkout!)

peronsal thought…

“CBD can be used for so many ailments, not as a cure, but for sure, as treatment, even in the smallest of differences. I personally have been lumbered from one NHS dept to another getting prescribed this and that for different mental health and anxiety issues since 16 and because weed isnt legal here, you can never by the same strain or brand or even pick between sativa and indica, CBD gave all the benefits that someone like me wanted from cannabis without getting high. I dont see how doctors are going to be able to define or prescribe in this way given their anti cannabis campaigns for decades. For the future is uncertain, and most certainly, isnt orange!”

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