HAPPY 420 from IDeala HeadShop!

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HAPPY 420 from IDeala HeadShop!

Happy 420 my Cannabis Friends.

Whether you smoke Cannabis recreationally or medicinally, whether you ar avid CBD Oil Fan, Canna Activist, part of the industry and culture, today we unite as one, One Love for the Plant, our little Miracle.
Whats your thoughts, Sativa VS Indica? Personally I am a big fan of Sativa, deffo my go to!
As the UK is still very far behind in the Cannabis industry, (unless your really rich, then its cool, if your poor or not quite top middle class, its a crime),  legalisation process; unfortunately we are still without legal weed here.
As its 420 today, we just wanted to share some love, some joy and say Hey, we got you!
It's Always 420 some where right?
Fancy a legal smoke for the week of 420? We are celebrating 420 in style and for the rest of this week, we have some, special deals for you.
From today til Sunday you can grab any form of Herbal CBD Smoke from our site with 20% off the retail.
We have also seen the return of Jacobs Ladder, Pre Rolled Herbal CBD joint in a plastic cone tube.
So what have we to offer to make 420 that bit more special?
* Buy 3 Jacobs Ladder Pre Rolls and recieve another FREE *
* Get 20% OFF any Herbal CBD Smoke Item with this Promo Code: 42021*

* Spend over £40 on any CBD and OR Herbal CBD Smoke Item and recieve a free gift worth up to £10 *
* FREE Skins, Roach & Blunts for everyone who spends over £30 between now and Sunday. *




" Lets change the world ONE Toke at a TIME "