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KANAVAPE RRP – Reduced Stock – Limited

KANAVAPE RRP Increase – Reduced Stock – Limited

** We now have to sell Kanavape at the standard RRP **

KANAVAPE RRP – Reduced Stock – Limited stock left…get yours now!

As you know at IDeala we always try and marry up quality with affordeability. We try and bring you the best, latest and quality products the industries have to offer. We try to remain affordeable for everyone and give you as much as we can for your money.

Unfortunately we have been contacted by Kanavape and strictly advised of their RRP across Europe and UK, and to bring our prices in line with their RRP. This has been strictly advised to us on the understanding we can carry on to deliver you the best Satijah and Kanavape cartridges! We have to comply with their set standard in order to be a distributor. We can however offer promo Codes and incentives so will still remain competative for our  returning customers.

KanaVape CBD Ecig Starter Kit, KanaVape CBD Full Starter Kit - Hemp Vaporizer, KANAVAPE RRP - Reduced Stock LimitedWe have tried to keep the prices down for as long as we could but now we have to increase as per manufacturer and distributors directions!

On that note we will be selling off some old Kanavape Stock at knocked down prices. We have some 0.5ml stock, of mint and hemp, which we are selling at a stunningly reduced prices!

New 1ml cartridges!

Kanavape now do a 1ml cartridge  so we will be selling off all our old 0.5ml cartridges to make way for the new line and packaging!

We will also have some 50mg Satijah bottles reduced but all new stock including 25mg, 100mg, 200mg, 500mg, which will have to applied to the current RRP of kanavape and Satijah.

There is limited old stock left but wanted to give you guys the option of some really good news along with some not so good.

Compliance & Committment

We have to comply to the manufacturers regulations and make all acquisitions fair and competative for all, and due to the high quality of products they offer, aswell as considering their committments to all their Wholesale members too, we have to be fair.

But just as we have a committment to you we are giving you the opportunity to buy some older 0.5ml cartridges, pens and satijah at reduced prices for a limited time, once they are gone thats it for old pricing. Get them before our staff do! LOL


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