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WIYB Health Christmas Boxes

WIYB Health Christmas Boxes

Get Excited! It’s Christmas…

Well, it most certainly will be, very soon! Are you excited? Only 11 days to go before we can finally settle down, cosy up the fire, family gathered, drink in  hand and smiles all round. So we thought we would help why not Check Out our WIYB Health Christmas Boxes.

Bit stuck on what to get some people? We all have that 1 friend or grandparent that either has everything, or no interest, or is it your Uncle?

In celebration of the time of year and your time, we have put together some gift boxes for you, starting from just £19.

Each box holds contents that are practically double or more the price stated!

WIYB – Health Christmas Boxes

Pick a package or size right for you. We have them from £19-small, £39-medium and £59-large, with option for gift wrap.

These are Packed full of goodies worth more than twice the amount paid for the Xmas box to be made up and sent.

Grab yourself and a loved one an absolute quality bargain this Christmas. Boxes include USN Products, Protein Shaker/Water Bottles also Creatine Products.

Check out our selection  of boxes Here


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