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WIYB Vapers n CBD and Herbal Kushty Christmas Boxes

WIYB Vapers n CBD and Herbal Kushty Christmas Boxes

Get Excited! It’s Christmas…

Well, it most certainly will be, very soon! Are you excited? Only 11 days to go before we can finally settle down, cosy up the fire, family gathered, drink in  hand and smiles all round. So we thought we would help why not Check Out our WIYB Vapers n CBD and Herbal Kushty Christmas Boxes.

Bit stuck on what to get some people? We all have that 1 friend or grandparent that either has everything, or no interest, or is it your Uncle?

In celebration of the time of year and your time, we have put together some gift boxes for you, starting from just £19.

Each box holds contents that are practically double or more the price stated!

They come boxed up nice with products and freebies and you can even get them gift wrapped for a small fee. Not only that we can even send the gift to your mother, brother, co-worker or friend, just tell us the shipping address and consider it done. Want a card put on with their name and who from? No problem, that’s on us!

Saving you money, giving you more time with your loved ones and lets face it we all like a bit of Christmas Vice! LOL HO HO HO! Don’t session too hard, there’s much food to consume!

“Food – For Human Consumption as approved by the FDA this Xmas!”

What’s in Your Box?

WIYB, Whats in your Box, IdealaVape Xmas Box

WIYB – Vapers n CBD & Herbal Kushty Xmas Boxes

Pick a package or size right for you. We have them from £19-small, £39-medium and £59-large, with option for gift wrap. Even tell us the gender so we can make sure the right products and colours go to the right person.

These are Packed full of goodies worth more than twice the amount paid for the Xmas box to be made up and sent. Check product description on each product listing as we have them for Stoners, smokers also vapers and CBD buffs all including accessories, herbal highs and more!

Grab yourself and a loved one an absolute quality bargain this Christmas. Boxes include Vape kits, E-liquids, 0mg E-Juice, disposable E-cigs, Hemp E-cig vaporisers and CBD E-liquids


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Check out all our WIYB offers HERE

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